New iOS 8 and Mac Features for Real Estate Agents

Apple just released their new iOS 8.1 update an hour ago, and everyone is talking about their new “Apple Pay” feature. However, I wanted to spend a few quick minutes giving you some highlights of the three features I think Realtors are going to use the most in their business.

Apple enhanced the connectivity between their mobile devices and their desktop/laptop counterparts. Texting, phone calls, and internet connectivity have a seamless flow across all platforms now.

iOS 8.1

Let’s start with their new SMS messaging service. On prior versions of iOS you could only text from your iPad and desktop if you were sending messages to other iOS users, now it doesn’t matter what platform they have. Check out Tom Ferry’s video below to learn a great texting strategy, and then head down to the next video to see how iOS 8.1 helps with this…

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Text Their Phone Without a Phone Number!

I learned this tip from my buddy Tristan Ahumada, who was sharing the stage with me at this years Mega Camp Convention.

You know how most of your internet leads only come with an email address, right? Here is an exceptional strategy on turning that email into a text message for consumers that have an iPhone or iPad.

More and more agents are leveraging texting in their business from responding to internet leads with a text, to following up with past clients, and for good reason. Texting has an average “open rate” of almost 100%. Think about it, how many texts are currently unopened on your phone right now?

So next time you receive a lead, and it only has an email, take that address and type into iMessage on your Apple laptop/desktop, iPhone, or iPad. It will either look like one of the examples below.

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Create visually compelling stories with EASE! – “StoreHouse” App

A new, refreshing way to tell your stories!!! Check out the 2014 Apple Design Award Winner Application, “StoreHouse”.   This is a visually savvy storytelling App.  Currently, it is available at NO COST in the App Store.  Hopefully coming soon to DROID!  Check out this story below for an example of how the “StoreHouse” App could be applied to real estate and the marketing of homes.


Watch this short demo we created to learn how easy it is to create a story!

Click this link -


Highlights of the App:

-Seamlessly combine video, photos, and text to create customized stories

-Stories look visually stunning on your iPhone, iPAD, or iPOD

-Every story in your feed is pinch-to-zoomable, fully twistable image or video

-Currently, you can download “StoreHouse” for FREE at the App Store


Go to:  to see a bunch of stories that people across…

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