Canva – A Simple, Beautiful Way to Create Great Marketing Content

As a real estate professional you need to wear a lot hats. You have to be a jack of all trades, and it is up to you to be proficient at each one. However, a lot of Realtors® seem to stumble when it comes down to design. You know your market or properties inside and out and you can tell people about them until the cows come home, but putting those details into a professional looking marketing piece can sometimes be problematic.

Canva to the rescue! Canva

The hardest part about designing something is getting the project started. Most of us don’t have the creative insight, and vision to see the final result we want. Canva has 20 different templates and countless design options to get you moving, to spark that imagination and make…

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Are you ready to sizzle with “Dizzle”?

Dizzle is an Application that allows you to easily share your preferred list of vendors, automatically update users on recent home sales via push notification, dynamically update your App instantly, help distribute the App, and receive analytics on the downloads of your App (for both iOS and Android). Dizzle enables you (the agent or broker) to stay relevant long after the closing and can provide a NEW source of “word of mouth” leads.

What is Dizzle’s ideal use case?Dizzle App

Dizzle aims to help realtors distribute their App effectively with the goal of having end users actively share the App with their friends and family.  People often ask a friend to recommend and agent when buying or selling a property. By providing an App people actively use, Dizzle helps agents stay top of mind when people are referring an agent. Over time, this can create a solid source leads.

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Google’s Brand New Email Program – Inbox

There have been a plethora of email applications released recently and new ways of handling the massive amount of digital communication that arrives in our inbox, but now it’s Googles turn.

They just released the beta of their brand new “Inbox” application which is quite a departure from the way your inbox looks now. Version one already has a mobile app and a desktop app so you can go all in. Google claims that….

“Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.”

In the video below, I give a walk-through of the application. Now, bear in mind I only had the app for about 20 minutes before I did this overview. The idea behind this is to give my first impressions, just like you would have quickly formed an opinion about a new app or tool you were trying. However, I will then do a…

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