GoConnect: Not Just Another Shiny App


GoConnect2Seriously? Another app? What now? It’s probably just another shiny object to distract me from my job of selling homes and helping my customers.

Did I get that sentiment right? Pretty much word for word, huh? That’s because I have been there and I get it. My name is Zach and I am a real estate agent just like you. And I’ve been tempted – and annoyed – by over-promising shiny objects just like you have. But that’s also why in the past few months I have taken on a new role as a software developer so I could design my own not-just-shiny but completely useful object that will add to, and not distract from, real estate successes. Novel idea, right?

Going from…

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Vidcaboodle – An Easy Way to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Website

Did you know you are supposed to be incorporating video into your marketing? Well, of course you did! You probably read 4,596 posts about it here on Tech Savvy or on every other real estate tech website out there.

Video can be a powerful way to emotionally connect, build trust, and gain the confidence of your prospects and clients. Check out these great stats about video marketing.


Most agents I know already have, or are beginning the process of adding (great) video content in their business plan, but a lot of them are having trouble marketing their videos and getting them out there for the world to see.

 Vidcaboodle can help!


Vidcaboodle is a free application that will import all…

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Automated Listing Video Platform for Brokers from VScreen

After reading the press release, check out our question and answer section below with Stephen Schweickart, founder of VScreen.

VScreen Launches Automated Listing Video Platform for Brokers

ORLANDO, FL (4/21/14) – VScreen announced today the launch of ListingVideos.com, an automated and data-driven Listing Video service for real estate brokers that dynamically tells the story of all their listings via professionally animated video and graphics, serving as the new industry replacement for the expected “property slideshow” and “virtual tour”.

Exclusively available to brokerages, the Listing Videos program dynamically generates videos in ‘real time’, automatically pulling the listing description and photos from the MLS, while adding in animated 3D graphics, professional narration and branding for the listing agent and the brokerage they represent.

The innovative Listing Video’s platform also leverages other consumer interest scenes within the videos, such as; estimated monthly mortgage payments, local active inventory, median listing…

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