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Agent Reboot Introduction

I have been attending the Agent Reboot conferences for two years now and I wanted to share some of the content that is presented throughout the day.  I recorded Chris Smith’s introduction to the festivities and he does a fantastic job of laying down the groundwork for… Continue reading

TRAFFIC: Heart and Soul of a Real Estate Website

* Great guest post by Joe Salcedo* FIRST,  I want to tell you what this article is NOT. I’m not here to speak to you in a condescending manner about why your site is not receiving enough traffic, you know the Nobody-Cares-About-Your-Content-Until-it-is -Found smackdown.” I share your pain. In… Continue reading

Creating An Online Magazine of Your Content For The iPad

iPads are quickly becoming one of the most popular digital devices ever. I recently read a report that said that more people are now connecting to WI-FI via an iPad than laptops. Why? They are easier to carry around, have a longer battery life and present the content in… Continue reading

“You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure”

That statement can’t be any more true today.  Your blog can potentially be the biggest lead generation system you used if implemented correctly. Do you need help with your blog conversion rates?  Ken Granger from Arranging Pixels is the man to talk to as he has built over… Continue reading

Real Estate Blogging, It’s Not Just for Finding Home Buyers

Blogging shouldn’t only be about finding home buyers, because Sellers are also searching the web, it’s just not as obvious what terms they’re using. Sellers are looking for agents that know the market conditions if their area. They don’t want, “it’s always a great time to sell”. They want… Continue reading