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The Real Story Behind Top Producer’s New Mobile App

Do you want the inside info to Top Producer’s new mobile application?  Do you want to see if it will easily fit into your lifestyle and daily activities? Want to see what’s missing from the application and learn what’s… Continue reading

Top Producer Help: 4 Tips To Maximize Your CRM

Everyone knows that Top Producer is a powerful and popular CRM for real estate.  So why aren’t more agents using it to the fullest?  Because they need a little help of course! Below are 4 tips on Top Producer that will really help you get the most out… Continue reading

How To: Update Your Facebook Business Page from Top Producer 8i

Watch Chris show you how to update your Facebook page from within Top Producer 8i. As many agents are learning quickly your Facebook profile is not a place to bombard your friends with real estate information.  That’s exactly why Facebook allows you to create a page, for… Continue reading

Top Producer 8i New Facebook Integration Features

AWESOME New Facebook Integration into Top Producer 8i As someone who has spent the last 2 years training Realtors on the best ways to leverage Top Producer 8i to help grow their business I can honestly say this is the best set of new features that I have seen.  We… Continue reading

A Powerful Craigslist Ad – Market Snapshot

Consumers are looking for INFORMATION on the web not Realtors! Top Producer has a unique tool called Market Snapshot that provides that information to your clients/prospects/leads in an effortless fashion. So if you are a Market Snapshot user, why not leverage Craigslist to generate more leads? Top Producer’s Market Snapshot… Continue reading