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Why Online Reviews in Real Estate Don’t Work

What?!?  What are you talking about Steve?  I just saw you speak at _______ (fill in the blank with Agent Reboot – Xplode – Real Estate Series)  and YOU told me they were crucial for building a well rounded online reputation!! What gives?? Continue reading

Favorite Apps of Tech Savvy Real Estate Agents

This is a compilation of comments from agents on the Tech Savvy Agent Facebook page regarding their favorite apps.  I will keep updating this post as we get more comments flowing in, so make sure you bookmark it! Kevin O’Hara Zillow Continue reading

Corcoran Group | Brand | Mobile | Social | Next

“If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere” – Frank Sinatra Sinatra would have likely used The Corcoran Group for his real estate needs. They are the largest residential real estate brokerage in Manhattan. Their annual sales are 18… Continue reading

A Tech Savvy Referral Network

The time for all levity has passed… It is more important than ever that consumers who are looking to buy or sell a home in 2011 and beyond have access to the best technology. Many real estate agents sadly are not providing this. We believe that the agents in our… Continue reading

How’d You DooID?

Keeping things simple has never been a bad idea. It’s a golden rule in business and helps us to concentrate on the principle things in life. This philosophy sometimes seems to be hard to accomplish as far as social media marketing is concerned. Facebook, Twitter, video platforms, blogs, instant messaging… Continue reading