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“As Seen On” – YouTube is Getting Social

I love having brainstorming sessions!  

Everytime I have one with my friends, we always discover something new.  Chris Smith called me the other day to go over his new…

What Video Camera Should I Buy For Real Estate Home Tours?

We know that there are STILL not very many agents implementing home tours in their business for a variety of reasons. I wanted to create a post for…

Why Online Reviews in Real Estate Don’t Work

What?!?  What are you talking about Steve?  I just saw you speak at _______ (fill in the blank with Agent RebootXplode

Hypersocial is the New Hyperlocal


There is a swell brewing which will turn into a massive wave of “hypersocial” marketing for real estate agents.

How to Add Links to YouTube and Self Hosted Videos

Video marketing is more important than ever, but what video marketing usually lacks is an…