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Features/Faults: Educating Buyers about a Property’s Home Automation and Security Enhancement

  Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware. It’s true that the last thing potential home buyers want to hear before plunking down cash (or signature on the dotted line) for what is often the largest purchase in their life is a… Continue reading

Technology Tech Support for Real Estate Agents – My Computer Works

Your business relies on your computer and your mobile device being up and running at all times. These tools are now an essential part of your day to day life and if one of these tools goes down, who do you turn to? A lot of agents are a one… Continue reading

Eye-Fi Review – Send Photos Wirelessly from Your Digital Camera!

One of the joys of taking pictures with you mobile phone is the ability to instantly edit and upload images to the web.  “Traditional cameras” have been lagging behind their mobile counterparts for quite some time now in this regard. Not anymore! Continue reading

Your Own Personal Cameraman – Swivl Review

A lot is asked of a real estate agent nowadays. Not only do you have to perform the jobs of an entire organization yourself, sometimes you have to be two people at once! Do you have the type of personality that shines in front of a camera? Do people naturally… Continue reading

Brando Mini Capsule Mic Review – iPhone or iPad

  Are you implementing video in your business and using your iPhone or iPad? Have you noticed the audio is absolutely terrible those devices? Want an inexpensive fix that won’t be cumbersome to take with you everywhere? The Brando… Continue reading