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Are you ready to sizzle with “Dizzle”?

Dizzle is an Application that allows you to easily share your preferred list of vendors, automatically update users on recent home sales via push notification, dynamically update your App instantly, help distribute the App, and receive analytics on the downloads of your App (for both iOS and Android). Dizzle… Continue reading

“Sent from my iPhone”

Have you ever received an email and debated on whether or not it was canned or something that the sender wrote specifically for you? When you receive a newsletter, or something that looks like a “drip campaign” it is easy to discard or skip over.  However, if someone took the time to… Continue reading

The NEW way to experience properties – Just “SWIPE”

Have you ever worked with a home buyer who was early in their buying process and/or really did not have a good understanding of what they were actually looking for in a home?  Would it help you to give these consumers a better way to easily and quickly find… Continue reading

Creating Your Business Card on the Web

Having a personal website as a real estate professional is like having a business card on the web. The personal website is a perfect extension of the traditional paper business card, as it allows to dive deeper into professional details and provides enough space for all our… Continue reading

4 Similarities of Highly Rated Online Lead Responses

You might remember that we conducted a little survey at the end of 2013 asking you about your business, leads, and lead responses. I have been digging through the data and noticed some really interesting commonalities between some of the most highly ranked responses. It was also just as… Continue reading