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Creating Your Business Card on the Web

Having a personal website as a real estate professional is like having a business card on the web. The personal website is a perfect extension of the traditional paper business card, as it allows to dive deeper into professional details and provides enough space for all our… Continue reading

4 Similarities of Highly Rated Online Lead Responses

You might remember that we conducted a little survey at the end of 2013 asking you about your business, leads, and lead responses. I have been digging through the data and noticed some really interesting commonalities between some of the most highly ranked responses. It was also just as… Continue reading

Brand Based Link Building For Real Estate

As the search engines continue to favor the national real estate portals in the results pages, agents and brokers must continue to be innovative in their link building efforts and other SEO opportunities to stay competitive… Continue reading

Pitch vs. Positioning: Knowing The Difference Can Make All The Difference

  If you’re a salesperson, you’re likely quite familiar with the idea of an “elevator pitch”. It’s a simple concept, really, whose general idea is to prepare you to succinctly–and with punch–answer the question, “What do you do?” In my career, and very likely yours, having a good, well-thought-out answer to… Continue reading

My Marketing Plan is Better Than Yours

Is it? Do you feel you offer a better marketing strategy than the next Realtor?   You do?  Good!   Now, can people easily see that on your site? Uh-oh, this is where most agents are getting tripped up. While perusing a fantastic Google+ community page called Photography for Real Estate, I… Continue reading