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Are You Still Your Client’s Agent?

Are you still your client’s agent?  Are you sure? Even though you had a great relationship when you put them in a house, there’s only a 25% chance your client will call you when it comes time to… Continue reading

Showings on Demand With Curb Call

The concept of on-demand service via mobile app was made most famous and well known by Uber, the car service company. I’ve always been in love with how Uber works because of how happy it… Continue reading

Record Phone Calls on an iPhone or Android

Well, there really isn’t too much to say about this particular application…. do you need to record calls while talking on your mobile phone? Yes? Good, there is an app for that!   TapeACall is a $10 application that is available for  Continue reading

Your Digital Assistant – EasilyDo

We could all use an assistant to handle the slew of daily tasks and activities that seem to expand on a daily basis. We try and manage address books, social networks, notifications, and important client/friend/sphere updates to the best of our ability, but we still usually come up bit… Continue reading

Product Review – FotoNotes Provides a Lot More than Photos and Notes

FotoNotes is a mobile-first solution for real estate field services, including property and facilities management, property preservation, broker price opinions (BPOs), construction estimates, and more. It’s a great tool to collect and share real… Continue reading