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My Favorite Tablet Photo Editing App is Now Available on Your Desktop

Last year I wrote a post that highlighted one of my favorite photo editing apps for the iPad (also available on Android). Snapseed is a fantastic program that allows you to selectively adjust certain areas of an image.  This… Continue reading

Best Real Estate Camera?

What is the best camera out there for real estate? That is the most popular question I get while traveling across the country and on the Tech Savvy Agent Facebook page. The boring answer is….there isn’t a single camera that is best suited for real estate. Cameras evolve so… Continue reading

Cinematic Video

The Best way to differentiate your digital media strategy:   The following piece was written by Brendan Carlisle, founder of a real estate film and media company in Los Angeles called Interior Pixels.  I watched a few of his videos online and enjoyed the style… Continue reading

Advanced Photo Editing Tool For Realtors

In some of our previous posts about taking better photos and our photo editing series we went over some of the basics for enhancing our images.  Now, I want to introduce you to a more advanced program called Nik Color Efex Pro 4. Continue reading

Interactive Pictures for Real Estate – ThingLink

ThingLink is an interactive way to tell stories through a picture.  We have all heard of the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.   ThingLink takes that seriously. Continue reading