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Local Shows, National Talent, Huge Return

I had the opportunity this past week to head down to my state’s capital for Inman Reboot Columbus, and it got me thinking… How many options are out there for agents to get some “in person” tech knowledge.  I specify “in person” because there are an infinite number of… Continue reading

6 Blogging Tips to Overcome Writers Block

Steve asked me this morning to do a post for you fine folks here on TSA, and without a second thought I said, “Sure!”.  Then I started thinking about what I should write about and after about 25 minutes of deliberation, I smashed squarely into the writers block wall. So… Continue reading

How Do I Know If My Real Estate Blog Is Working?

A working blog (or website) is desperately important for any business owner, and in particular, Realtors®.  But, the question “How do i know if my real estate blog is working?” is asked by most and rarely is it answered sufficiently. Good news!  Google has an… Continue reading

How To Be Tech Savvy Even After The Sale

How much blood, sweat and tears do you put into the before sale marketing of your listings?  A descent amount, right?  Just getting the listing itself can be utterly exhausting!   Then you have the marketing – the professional photos, the virtual tours, the advertisements, the price reduction meetings… you… Continue reading

How To Build a Great Real Estate Site – Give Your Clients What THEY Want

Having a tough time with your website/blog? Why not try giving your clients what THEY want, not what you THINK they want! And no, your picture is not one of them! The single most sought after feature of a real estate website is the ability to search the MLS… Continue reading