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SSO: The New SEO

Social search optimization is just like any search engine optimization strategy in that the desired result is to increase your visibility on search engines such as Google. What is new about this branch of optimization is the content on which it is focused. With this new wave of culture… Continue reading

Did you hear what they said about you?

It’s so easy to talk, isn’t it? Sure, the first year or two of life was a little hairy, but since then we’ve done a whole bunch of talking, and sometimes that talking is smack-talk. But do you know when people are talking about you, whether it’s… Continue reading

Gain Critical Insight to Your Email Conversations Using Rapportive

A lot of your daily conversations take place digitally in your email client. Gain important insights into whom you are talking to and connect with them through multiple social platforms with Rapportive! I have been using this… Continue reading

Zooming in to Capture Home Buyers’ Attention with Pinterest

Pinterest is a natural fit for realtors who want to broaden their properties’ — and their respective agency’s — appeal to prospective home buyers. The potential power that Pinterest wields to help create exposure for real estate… Continue reading

Pinterest: An Effective Platform to Create a Clear Path between Buyers and Sellers

Part 1 – Introduction to Pinterest For each new type of social media that arises, real estate buyers and sellers have yet another way to connect to one another. To some people, it may seem redundant or overkill to become involved with another type of social media outlet, but after… Continue reading