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Backup Your Photos and Videos Effortlessly

Here is a quick video detailing how all of your photos and videos on your phone can be backed up automatically for free.  A bonus here is that this occurs with absolutely no effort on your part!  Check out… Continue reading

What does SEO mean in today’s world?

For years there has been a lot of talk about the value of SEO and what it can mean for an agent.  Many agents have happily touted the fact that their name appears on the first page in search results for real estate-related searches in their area. There’s… Continue reading

You Need a Google Plus Business Page Right Now

Having a Facebook business page isn’t necessary to run a successful real estate business.  However, for the right individual or team, it can be an invaluable tool if implemented properly.  The implementation process requires a lot of… Continue reading

Syndicate to Google+ Facebook and Twitter the Easy Way

Want the ability to syndicate to other social networks without using a separate program that you have to log into?  I mean something really easy that works natively within Facebook so it’s stupid simple.  I just found this extension… Continue reading

Google+ Search and Other Cool Info

Since Google+ has similar attributes to Twitter and allows you to listen in on conversations, we probably want to start finding some interesting people to talk to right?  But how do we find these conversations?  How do we know what people are talking about if they are not in… Continue reading