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Doorsteps: The Tool You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Lead Generation is great, but lead conversion is better. Do you have a tool in place for meeting a potential homebuyer early in his or her journey, before the home search begins, or before they think they need you? If yes, does this tool simply help you keep in touch… Continue reading

Have You Even Broken Ground?

There is a new land where you need to be building. It is called the web. While many have really embraced this concept and are busy with their on line business growth, many others have yet to break… Continue reading

The Queue Episode 2 | About.Me | Qwiki | Pipl | Evernote | Kodak

In episode #2 of The Queue I covered some amazing new services and products that can really help you grow your business and improve your new media marketing efforts as a Realtor. Real estate technology… Continue reading

Welcome To The Queue

The Queue will be a weekly webisode where I will cover all of the latest and greatest in the real estate technology and social media spaces. As I travel the country and interact with… Continue reading

The Future Does Not Look Like The Past

In the final episode of Tech Savvy Talk we discussed the year that was and the year that will be. The commonality is that the future does not look like the past… Continue reading