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Online Reputation Discussion with Michael McClure

I recently had a great conversation with Michael McClure at his Raise the Bar Blog Talk Radio channel about the importance of solidifying, tracking and maintaining your reputation in a changing digital landscape. Here is a list of some of the topics we discuss during the one hour… Continue reading

Kate Ball

There’s a difference between being capable of operating technology tools and actually using them to grow your business. Tech Savvy Agent has shown me the critical differences, and I am so grateful! Continue reading

Alan Endermann

TechSavvy has been a driving force on the impact of social media and technology in real estate agent’s day to day operations. The information I have gained from the TS blog and TS site has been priceless…. “glad you have my back”. Continue reading

Barbara Taylor

Tech Savvy Agent will come to your office and give very intellectual information about new and upcoming advances in technology. The instructor will even let you play with his i-pad. (lol) . I truly enjoy the updates and information resources that this agent puts out and being a person,… Continue reading

Brandon Wise

When people are truly passionate about what they are doing, it shows! TechSavvy Agent has filled a huge need in our industry to get real estate professionals up to speed on all the new technology that our industry is constantly pushing out. We recommend all of our Wise Agent… Continue reading