There’s a difference between being capable of operating technology tools and actually using them to grow your business. Tech Savvy Agent has shown me the critical differences, and I am so grateful!

TechSavvy has been a driving force on the impact of social media and technology in real estate agent’s day to day operations. The information I have gained from the TS blog and TS site has been priceless…. “glad you have … Continue reading

Tech Savvy Agent will come to your office and give very intellectual information about new and upcoming advances in technology. The instructor will even let you play with his i-pad. (lol) . I truly enjoy the updates and information resources … Continue reading

When people are truly passionate about what they are doing, it shows! TechSavvy Agent has filled a huge need in our industry to get real estate professionals up to speed on all the new technology that our industry is constantly … Continue reading

Tech Savvy Agent has been the best resource that I’ve had this past year. I’ve been trying to incorporate technology into my business for several years and have come up against significant roadblocks within my company – with people telling … Continue reading

very informative site. I always thought I was pretty tech savvy, but these guys bring it to a whole new level. Videos are great for quick answers and teachings!

Tech Savvy Agent has been instrumental to my success. Everything from my site design to my content has changed thanks to them! They have brought me to a whole new level of networking and it is easier now than it … Continue reading