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Vidcaboodle – An Easy Way to Create a YouTube Channel for Your Website

Did you know you are supposed to be incorporating video into your marketing? Well, of course you did! You probably read 4,596 posts about it here on Tech Savvy or on every other real estate tech website out there. Video can be a powerful way to emotionally connect, build trust, and… Continue reading

Automated Listing Video Platform for Brokers from VScreen

After reading the press release, check out our question and answer section below with Stephen Schweickart, founder of VScreen. VScreen Launches Automated Listing Video Platform for Brokers ORLANDO, FL (4/21/14) – VScreen announced today the launch of, an automated and data-driven Listing Video… Continue reading

Six Ways for Realtors to Start with Evernote

In any successful realty firm, there comes a time when you start looking at technology that can take your business to the next level. Growth comes with many upsides, but also with growing pains like more paperwork from more employees working from the road.  All of this can be… Continue reading

Are You Still Your Client’s Agent?

Are you still your client’s agent?  Are you sure? Even though you had a great relationship when you put them in a house, there’s only a 25% chance your client will call you when it comes time to… Continue reading

Creating Your Business Card on the Web

Having a personal website as a real estate professional is like having a business card on the web. The personal website is a perfect extension of the traditional paper business card, as it allows to dive deeper into professional details and provides enough space for all our… Continue reading