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Interactive Pictures for Real Estate – ThingLink

ThingLink is an interactive way to tell stories through a picture.  We have all heard of the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.   ThingLink takes that seriously. Continue reading

Why Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Tools Are Only Spokes To Your Hub

They are all great for connecting with people, but you shouldn’t use just one and they should never be your home on the web. I don’t even think the term “light speed” correctly assesses the velocity in which things change with technology.  In a blink of an eye… Continue reading

3 Tools to Help You Increase Engagement On Facebook and Twitter

There were a lot of tools released this year that were designed to help you understand and increase engagement within the major social networks.  Some of these tools are specific to a network and others aggregate information from a myriad of sources. In this post, I am going to talk… Continue reading

Syndicate to Google+ Facebook and Twitter the Easy Way

Want the ability to syndicate to other social networks without using a separate program that you have to log into?  I mean something really easy that works natively within Facebook so it’s stupid simple.  I just found this extension… Continue reading

Can Google+ Compete With Facebook and Twitter – Yup

The youth drives and dictates new trends. Facebook was built upon being “cool” and the ability for college kids to communicate with their friends….friends being the operative word here. Facebook does not have the glamour it once had since everyone’s parents, grandparents and relatives infiltrated this once… Continue reading