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Oodle CEO on Facebook Marketplace and Social Classifieds

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We all know that the world is becoming more social.  There is a…

Welcome To The Queue

The Queue will be a weekly webisode where I will cover all of the latest and greatest in the real estate technology and social media spaces. by Chris on Jan 19th, 2011
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Name Bargain – Get Help Choosing a Domain Name!

I was just introduced to a site that actually gives you help finding different variations of domain names called…

QR Codes for Real Estate – Qonnect

“Mobile is huge!”.  Start collecting dimes for every time you hear that one and you will retire early.  The problem with the real estate industry in many cases is… Your Social Graph to Work! Put Your Social Graph to Work from Stephen Pacinelli on Vimeo.

Our very own Steve Pacinelli sat down with Ernie Graham, the creator and CEO of, to review this exciting new tool.  What is you ask?