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How To: Be Notified When Someone Posts On Your Facebook Page

The Page Notifier Facebook application sends automatic email notifications when there is any activity on your Facebook business page.

Google Voice and Real Estate – Top Three Reasons to Sign Up

Google Voice has just been released to the general public and all the real estate agents out there can go sign up for free.  Why should you get Google…

What I Learned From Gunna Voigt at RE Bar Camp

I consider myself a teacher.  But aren’t the best teachers students?  As I travel and take in the various conventions throughout the country I am often inspired by the…

The Queue | 360 Panorama | MouseFlow | Animoto | Facebook Secret Groups

Episode number four of The Queue featured four technologies that are no brainers to implement in your business.”The

Closest House For Sale – Geolocation Mobile “App” for Real Estate

Guest Post by David Meagher CEO of Closest House For Sale is a free mobile web app that finds homes for sale based on the user’s current location….