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Hyperlapse from Instagram – A New Perspective on this App

There have been a lot of articles published about Instagram’s new baby Hyperlapse.  You can read two of the better ones here…..Hyperlapse

Turn your iPod, iPhone, or iPad into a security camera with the “Presence” App

The application “Presence” turns iOS devices into a video surveillance system, with smart home energy control and MORE.  See what’s happening in your home or listed property LIVE from…

Agent Reboot Introduction

I have been attending the Agent Reboot conferences for two years now and I wanted to share some of the content that is presented throughout the day….

What is Edge Rank?

Facebook uses a secret algorithm that determines if your…

Advanced Video Accessories for Real Estate Agents

I think most real estate agents have come to the conclusion that video has to be a part of their marketing arsenal and how important it is to their…