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Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings Right Now!

It can be difficult to know where to start with SEO. But, higher rankings almost always translate into more business, it’s important to start somewhere!  Here are five things you can start working on to improve your rankings.   1. Optimize Your Title Tags, but Do It Strategically. The title tag of a page… Continue reading

How to Calculate the Value of a Website Visitor

I travel about 40 weeks out of the year and will speak at over 100 individual events in 2013, so it’s safe to say I know a good presenter when I see one.  Jim Marks definitely fits the bill.  He commands an audience not only with the relevancy of… Continue reading

New Home Inventory Search Tool – Builders Update

Realtors run into a myriad of different obstacles trying to sell newly constructed homes to their clients. These hurdles can range from just finding accurate inventory data, to decimating the correct information to their buyers usually implementing a laborious process of cutting and pasting details.  Just attracting and capturing new… Continue reading

Agent Reboot Introduction

I have been attending the Agent Reboot conferences for two years now and I wanted to share some of the content that is presented throughout the day.  I recorded Chris Smith’s introduction to the festivities and he does a fantastic job of laying down the groundwork for… Continue reading

Cursing at Your Cell Phone???

According to Google and their new website, How to Go Mo, 23% of you do! Why and when does the profanity ensue?  When someone hits your website and it’s not optimized for a smooth mobile experience. Continue reading