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With the 1000’s of option available to consumers online looking for real estate it is more important than ever to really find ways to stand out from the crowd. There is no other site doing a better job of this right now than

Is this the best real estate blog on the web? review

Curbed is a real estate blog covering the local markets in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Hamptons.  This hyper local approach allows Curbed to expand their content beyond listings and deeper into local restaurants, nightlife and shopping venues.  In an era where content is king, there is only so much real estate information that you can provide.  By covering other verticals it not only increases readership and SEO rankings, but more importantly it gives readers a reason to check in year round, not just when they are looking to buy or sell a property.

The other brilliant move that Curbed has pulled is to brand the other parts of their site differently. While the Curbed tabs focus specifically on real estate, the other parts of their site, Racked and Eater, cover shopping options and restaurant reviews. By giving each part of their site a different look and feel they are sure to hit it off with a wider range of new visitors who can find a plethora of useful information quickly in a simple yet modernly elegant layout.

Not just covering real estate, covering restaurants as well!

Another feature of that I love is that they are very open with the demographics of their readers.  Want to know age, average income and education level of the readers of their blog?  Curbed is proud of their affluent reader base and isn’t afraid to show that off to potential advertisers or real estate agents looking to get their high end listings in front of the right eye balls.  This intimacy and knowledge of their reader base could only be attained by a site that was brining A+ content regularly.

Demographics of readers

The sites founder Lockhart Steele has been featured in numerous magazines and for good reason.  Lock, as he is known on Twitter, has created a resource that goes beyond the typical self promotion this industry has been known for for years and instead has put the focus where it should be, which is on the communities and all that they entail.  By taking the right approach he has built a brand and a community that we would be proud to emulate at Tech Savvy Agent.

I think that any real estate agent looking to learn more about what a blog can truly be should spend some serious time on Curbed and do their best to mimic this awesome resource for their local market.  Here’s to hoping you aren’t in NYC, L.A., San Fran or the Hamptons!  Seems Curbed has those markets on “Lock”.

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  1. Deborah Deschamps September 22, 2010 at 9:23 am - Reply

    I’ve been waiting for the proper inspiration to get my blog rolling; here it is. thank you

  2. Jesse May 19, 2011 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    I love Curbed – surprised there’s not one for the Boston/Cambridge area (very tempted to start one)! Keep up the good work – love your stuff!

  3. Palmdale homes June 25, 2011 at 12:30 am - Reply

    The way the Curbed blog is set up is really professional.It gives users what they are looking for without appearing too busy to navigate. Great example.

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