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[featured-video-plus] is a social media tool that sends automatic email notifications when there is any activity on your Facebook business page. Postling’s scans your business page looking for new comments and wall post. If new comments exist, you will receive an email notification with the comment and the link back to the original post.

The free version of allows you to set up 1 branded account. If you are managing more than one brand, you will need to upgrade to the premium version, which is 24.99/a month.

To set up your account:
1. Visit Postling registration page –
2. Under Social Networks – Select Facebook – then choose Facebook Pages
3. will request permission to access your information- allow it.
4. You will see a list of your business pages – select the one you want to activate
5. The last thing you need to do is just make sure you select “yes” to receive email updates and your done *see image below

Why should I set this up?

The bottom line is you want to take advantage of any opportunity you can to interact and engage with your community. Being responsive will help you strengthen your relationships with your fans, encourage more engagement, and help you build your reputation. Manually scanning your page to monitor your activity is inefficient and a poor use of your time. In today’s world of instant gratification, being able to respond to a fan quickly could be the difference between getting that listing or not.

Big Thank You to Nikki Beauchamp for sharing this!

Guest Post by Jimmy Mackin of The MLS Facebook App

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  1. Jason Preece says:

    Great post and I just added it to my fan page

  2. David Lifson says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Quick correction – the link at the beginning of your post should be to, not 🙂

    Dave Lifson

  3. Russell Haskins says:

    Yay! Why FB doesn’t have this built into their pages makes no sense to me!?! It only makes sense to get notified like your profile. I’m glad to see someone has fixed this problem!

  4. Thanks Nikki and CHris..I have shared this many peeps!

  5. Jimmy Mackin says:

    Thanks for the correction Dave! I always do that 🙂

  6. Jimmy Mackin says:


    Facebook has been working on a notification features for business pages for quite a while, but no definitive time in which they will release it. In the meantime, offers a great feature that I highly recommend

  7. That’s just awesome!!!!

  8. Jimmy Mackin says:

    We thought so! Thanks for your feedback Chris

  9. Yalda Alawi says:

    Thanks Nikki! and TechSavvyAgent

  10. Awesome – Why doesn’t FB have this feature built in? I feel like I check my business pages 1000 times a day! Thanks!

  11. One additional question – I have installed this feature, but it does not seem to notify me about a comment on a photo. Anyone have a solution for this? Thanks again!

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