The Photo Economy Webinar


The importance of photography in real estate is growing exponentially.  

Not only are the images of your listings paramount, but so are the images you take through the newest “visual” social networks that have been skyrocketing in popularity!  Learn why you should be on these networks with this recorded webinar featuring Chad Hyams (Community Manager for IMSD), Chris Smith (Chief Evangelist for Inman News) and Steve Pacinelli (Vice President of Real Estate Events for Move Inc).  Listen in like you were there as Chad hosts and Chris drops some serious knowledge on the trends occurring right now on these visual platforms.  Enjoy!

Photo Economy

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  1. Steve… not really a comment on this specific post, but have you been able to try “Stipple” yet? I’m currently waiting on my invitation to try, but love the idea. Wondering if you had a chance to check it out and/or if you know of a similar service that produces similar results? Thanks, Ryan

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