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In episode #2 of The Queue I covered some amazing new services and products that can really help you grow your business and improve your new media marketing efforts as a Realtor.The Queue Tech Savvy Agent Real estate technology is moving faster than ever and my weekly web show The Queue is exactly what was needed to help you all keep up! This weeks topics included reviews of About.Me, Qwiki, Pipl, Evernote and a wifi digital frame from Kodak.

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  1. Hi Chris.
    Can’t get this to play past 5:48–during the demonstration of Qwiki.

  2. Chris says:

    Just tested it and it is working. Maybe just a slow connection?

  3. Chris, Are you recommending that we point the About page on our main money site to our page (to display in a new window)? If not, how is an page best utilized? Thanks.

  4. Hey Chris, Great episode!! Loved the PIPL idea for finding contact info.
    Thanks = )

  5. GREAT SHOW, CHRIS! So much value for 17 minutes…

  6. Steve says:

    One thing Chris forgot about Qwiki….it’s interactive! You can actually click on the pictures, maps, etc to get more info on any topic they are talking about. The whole presentation is generated on the fly and is not canned!

  7. Celeste Barr says:

    I enjoyed the show today. first time listening in and learned something new again. I don’t believe I have ever heard of Pipl so that’s cool.

    I love Evernote too but didn’t realize I could use the ‘shared notes’ feature with clients or other team mates. Thanks Chris.

    Sorry I missed yesterday’s show!

  8. Chris says:

    Jolenta it can be what pops open when someone clicks about me On your site or you could use it as a portal that you send people to on business cards and marketing pieces so they can go down the path they want.

  9. Alex Tooke says:

    Thanks Chris! This is great stuff!

  10. Tom Lyons says:

    Love Qwiki Chris, tossed it up on my wife’s site right away for our home town.

  11. Debbie Brand says:

    Great work again Chris! Good point at the end about the distinction between what’s next and what’s now! So important! Thanks again for another great one!

  12. James Trano says:

    Thanks for the info, I really liked the Qwiki… And your right, I am slowing the pace till I get the webpage completed. I know what I want, but need to make sure the foundation is built.

  13. James Trano says:

    One last thing, I believe you mentioned one or some these websites. I’ve been using them for some time now. Zabasearch, Spokeo and Peekyou are unique sites for research on people.

  14. Did a quick embed of qwiki on my blog while I was watching your video. Pretty cool stuff!!! Will give me something to play with … Thanks, Chris!

  15. Cool!! Playing with Pipl to find about an Expired owner before I cold-call! Will start tinkering with Evernote (downloaded it months ago).

  16. Bob Bickel says:

    Chris great show again!
    Can you give me an idea in your mind what a great website should look like. I know you talk about several good sites but which is what you consider the best? Why?
    Loved the content today. Little worried about pipl though. Thanks

  17. Megan Barber says:

    Fantastic show Chris! I’m especially intrigued by Qwiki. That is so cool!

  18. Another great show!

    I’ve been using Pipl for a few years now … it is great for tracking down phone numbers, social media profiles and other great information for people. I used to use it a lot for finding expired listing contact information!

    Zabasearch is another site that combines data into Pipl and gives a history of addresses and phone numbers. Really great stuff!

  19. Qwiki… got my attention! Had already set up an ‘ profile for our team… pretty cool format.

    Agree whole-heartedly about Evernote… I currently use it mainly for research, but I like the suggestion of team collaboration. Thanks Chris for another ‘Qooookie’ edition of … ‘The Queue!

  20. Hey Chris, I do not know you do it so much information so little time this was a great episode loved the PIPL idea for finding contact info I am heading there right now.

  21. Vickie says:

    Another informative show —-thanks again

  22. Dan Hayden says:

    Chris you buried the lead! should have started off with “the now” advice! Great stuff, when i’m up to speed on what i’ve got i’ll look to expand.

  23. Nice show Chris – and totally agree with the last point of What’s Next and What’s Now. Love all the new – but need to get agents to use the now! Keep up the great work.

  24. Chad Humphrey says:

    Awesome stuff! what was the email address to your kodak frame again? lol…I have a few pics that I need to load on your frame…seriously great stuff….

  25. Brian Morgenweck says:

    More great “Stuff”! You deserve a good steak for that. Get thee to Peter Luger’s and kick back!
    The Queue is aptly named. 007 had his “Q” who brought him all the coolest new gadgets to make his “license” work more effectively as well.
    Thanks, brother!

  26. Lee Williams says:

    Great stuff! PIPL looks promissing!

    How the heck did you get a 17 min YouTube video?!?!? I am gonna try to upload some of the videos from my DVD. They are just a bit larger than 15 min.

  27. Mimi says:

    Gonna go sign up for most of them. Great info! (It’s pronounced PEOPLE, btw 😉 ) Presented in a usable manner, and in such a way as to make them seem worthwhile.

  28. isabel says:

    Fantastic information on episode 2! Thank you for sharing these great sites. I agree with you about learning how to use each platform well before moving on to another.

  29. Chris, as always good info! You’re awesome!! I especially like & will definitely be incorporating this on my website.

  30. Chris, as always, very helpful info for us Realtors. Am going to go back and review your other vids. I so appreciate your Next v Now. I have been on lots of webinars latetly learning more about social media and it can get overwhelming so I need to pick a few like Craigslist and FB Fan page to concentrate on then move on to Twitter and WordPress, then Qwiki and Pipl, then who knows………… Thanks so much!!

  31. Jim Flanagan says:


    Too cool! The best part, for me, as a Broker, was “The Now”!

    I will share this with everyone from the presentation I just did on FaceBook for our WCR Chapter. Btw; gave you and TechSavvy mucho credit and links…


  32. Hey Chris, Great Content. Do not see the frame discount. I tell geeks @ Pronto Progress about you. Keep up the good work. You are making a positive difference in many peoples lives. Thanks!!!

  33. Carol Olsen says:

    Awesome!!!! I loved the entire show.

  34. Dena Stevens says:

    Nope, not taking notes! I’m stopping the video going to the suggested site, starting the video again!

  35. Thank you for sharing all that great information.

  36. Tom Sheeran says:

    Great info Chris!
    Thank you~

  37. Lupe Soto says:

    thank you Chris, will practice more NOW and then NEXT. luv it.

  38. Speaking of “the now”…my website is the one provided by my company…I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn…in the planning stages of setting up a WordPress blog…never created a video-blog. Therefore…I’m one “fan” who thinks TechSavvy commentary about “the now” every now and then is a brilliant idea.

  39. Scott Feirn says:

    Great info this week Chris. All practical uses for the real estate business. Thanks for keeping the real in real estate.

  40. Mike Zilahy says:


    Great info as usual! Amazing how you are able to provide so many great ideas. Keep it coming. Maybe some day I will catch up to the NEXT vs the NOW!

  41. Angie Perez says:

    Lots of great info Chris. I love the new show and the beauty of it is that I can still take it on the road since YouTube plays beautifully on my phone. Does this show replace tech savvy talk? Also, what program are you using to record your video and screen share at the same time? The next evolution of tech savvy agent for me, and I am speaking from a selfish perspective, is to learn more on how to record a video show like the queue, or just having categories for types of videos agents can make: me in front of web camera, me in front of camera plus desktop, just my desktop, house, tour, …

  42. Chris says:

    Tech Savvy Talk will be back in a limited capacity. I am just in love with video! I used Camtasia and Keynote to record the whole thing!

  43. Stephen says:

    This show is great. I always come away with great ideas. Loads of new knowledge. I took notes on evernote during today’s show. Thanks

  44. Leap RE says:

    Really great outlook Chris, we especially liked the reminder of the Next vs. the Now at the end

  45. Tami Esling says:

    Chris, this is so great! Such information and examples on how to use it all. Love the idea on the closing gift – I always try and figure out something clever and spend too much time with that. This will be simple and I think clients will really like it.

  46. AboutMe watching Pitl doing Qwiki will leave EverNote on WhatsNext vs Now! This is incredible; so simple yet rewarding for Realtors. We must strengthen our Base Line of Results before moving deeper. Great Presentation and Thank You! I Love Closing 4U…

  47. CYRIL COOK says:


  48. Stacy Serey says:

    I am pretty sure each video will continue to blow my mind… I love these webisodes! Sharing now!

  49. Fantastic as always. Chis you are amazing! You keep adding to my to do list 🙂

  50. Chris Mills says:

    Great info, Chris. Both episodes of the Queue- especially The Now vs The Next – made me realize that I have a lot of catching up to do. Keep up the good work.

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