What Should I Be Looking For in a Camera Used For Real Estate?


What is the best camera for real estate?  Well, there definitely isn’t an answer to that question because there isn’t one perfect camera for everyone.  What I will do is try and help you decide which camera model might be best for you and give you the knowledge to research them on your own.

I wrote this quick little post a few months back about my favorite website for camera reviews called DPReview.  It’s an excellent website with all the info you need to make a smart decision in your camera purchase, but if you don’t know the things to look for in a camera for a real estate, you still might get stuck!  So, I thought I would do a quick video and give you some tips in selecting a great camera to fit your budget….. if you have one 😉

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  1. Roland Estrada says:

    My personal preference is the Canon S90. I have the previous S80. The key points I would look for are wide-angle lens, minimum 720p video and auto exposure bracketing (AEB). The AEB is essential if you want to do your own HDR photography. If you are on a Mac, it’s pretty easy. There is an inexpensive program called HDRtist that gives great results and is dead simple to use.

  2. Great info for Realtors. I’d strongly encourage the pricier DSLR’s with a wide angle though. If you’re not going use a pro in this business, at least spend the dough on a good camera and lens, and experiment with the lessons learned here. Nothing is more important that quality photos.

  3. I use Obeo for photography, panoramas, etc. of our listings. Everything comes out better when using a professional. If there are homes that don’t need professional photography (very low price short sales, etc), I use a Sony HX-1. Photos are pretty good. User friendly. The price is great, so if I break it, I’m not terribly upset….like I would be if I bought and broke a Sony a55 with lens.

  4. I get frustrated when I see real estate photos taken with a wide angle lens that makes a 12x10room look like a hockey rink.
    I have sen clients disappointment when they get to a place to find it is not what was advertised in the photos. Wide-ish lens is ok. Wide lens verging on fish-eye – NOT.

  5. Steve Pacinelli says:

    I agree, there are super wide professional lenses out there that are a little too much, but all point and shoot camera’s are too narrow.

  6. Scott Harris says:

    Hi Steve,

    Cannon has a ‘photostitch’ mode that actually works well as compared to a 24mm or below lenses because it doesn’t barrel the walls or distort room dimensions.

  7. Joanne says:

    I have the Sony Hx-1 as well.I use a wide angle lens that I ordered for it and really like the photos it takes. Pretty user friendly.

  8. Here’s link tyo a camera that’s pretty revolutionary. It captures the entire light field. The result is that nothing in the picture is ever out of focus, since users can click on anything in the picture to bring it in focus. I’m may use it on my own website

  9. Today you wear a holster on each side with a still camera with a wide angle lens and a video 30 to 50 frames per second camera for the other side arm. I like Fuji stills, Sony HD video cameras. But the camera is not as important as how you use it, the software, the creativity. Image and video capture is a sport, passion, meal ticket.

  10. chad says:

    Hire a professional…period. Look at the top realtor’s in each office….all of them use professional photographers/videographers.

  11. Brett Monk says:

    In my opinion, the lens is more important than the camera. You need a wide angle lens of about 11mm to get a full shot of a small second bedroom from the doorway. That shows the whole room without the fisheye effect. Any camera you can attach that lens to is a winner.

  12. Agree with Chad, 100%. Let the professionals invest in the equipment and invest your $$ in generating business.

  13. Has anyone tried the new Galaxy camera? I love the photos but don’t think I need a “smart camera” … I’ll be trying out the Canon t5i and Nikon D70 next. Any advice/opinions on these two?

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