My Second Favorite App of All Time (June 2011)


There is an application at the apple app store that has 22,000 plus reviews and a five star rating….what app you ask?  Flipboard.

Flipboard changes the way we consume media and actually makes platforms like Twitter easier to understand to the average consumer, but it’s not an app that focuses specifically Twitter.  Flipboard, in my opinion, is the best data aggregator out there.  It makes social media and news consumption familiar by putting all the content in a magazine style format.  Reading a magazine or newspaper is a familiar experience for most of us and when you can take that experience and relay that into an intuitive application one word comes to mind – “winning” 🙂

Check out the video to get an overview of how powerful this app really is and how you can use it in your real estate business.

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  1. What is your first fave app?

  2. Becky Steele says:

    what’s your first favorite app if this is your second favorite?

  3. Great video, Steve. I have been using Flipboard for a while and I learned a ton from this video. I too use Google Reader for blog post.
    I LOVE to bring my iPAD to the YMCA, plug in some headphones, open Flipboard and catch up on video blogs. Better than watching the weather or MTV!

  4. steve says:

    I hear ya Connie! Nothing like a little multi tasking!

  5. Amy Powell says:

    What a great application! I downloaded it as i was watching your video clip. This will be a great time saver if I just want to browse for a few minutes and get quick updates on what’s happening. Thanks!

  6. Jean Richer says:

    WOW!! This app is amazing. It’s a one stop shop for everything. Thanks for the review and luckily I do have an iPad so I was able to download and start using it right away! Thanks for the review & keep up the good work!

  7. Awesome post. I’ve been using Flipboard for a few weeks now just for entertainment/fun but your Twitter tips totally open my eyes to hidden opportunities for my real estate business! Thanks Steve!

  8. I’ve using Flipboard since the day I bought my iPad and really like the app. A very close second if you like Flipboard is Zite.

  9. steve says:

    Evernote is my favorite app of all time 🙂 It is my digital brain.

  10. Patsy Sable says:

    Love Flipboard, but want to know what your most favorite app is! Do tell….

  11. Is there a comparable app for Android devices that you are aware of?

  12. steve says:

    Favorite app is…….EVERNOTE.

  13. Ed Neuhaus says:

    Flipboard it great. One of the best apps made

  14. Jodi Beamish says:

    Will you share who your Guru’s are?

  15. Kas Baird says:

    There are 2 things I start my morning out with….a cup of coffee and FLIPBOARD! If the latest news on everything is what you’re looking for in one place…add Flipboard to your tablet! Kas

  16. Blake Center says:

    Great App for sure. I love getting the instant news from it!

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