The 15 Best Android Apps For Real Estate Agents


Guest Post by Tucker Wannamaker of The Springs Real Estate Network

Here are some great real estate apps (in no particular order) for you tech savvy agents out there and your new Android phone.  Shoot out some comments/questions at the end and let us know what you think!  All of these apps can help the life of a mobile Realtor.

I have included a QR code for each app that if you scan on your screen will take you directly there!

Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app
Not sure what these are? Go to on your Android phone to get a qr code scaning app!

1. Suburb Scout Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Suburb Scout allows realtors and home buyers to search for possible nuisances in the area of a potential home purchase. Nuisances include sewage plants, airports, nuclear plants, landfills and prisons. This is a great tool for locating everything that might affect the resale value of a home.

2) Smarter Agent Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

The most comprehensive app of its kind on the market, the Dictionary of Real Estate Terms provides a convenient and user-friendly reference tool that will be as invaluable to real estate professionals as it is for current and prospective home buyers.

3) Google Voice Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Google Voice went public 3 months ago and since many agents have been getting signed up and using Google as their main business number.  If you want to learn more how to get your Google voice number, here are the Google Voice tutorial videos. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number directly from this native app on your Android phone. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. NEW: Two homescreen widgets for quick access to GV features.

4) Remember the Milk Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

One of the best GTD(Getting Things Done) task management apps available. It also directly integrates into Gmail and Google Calendar. Take your tasks anywhere with this feature-packed app; never forget the milk (or anything else) again. Add and complete tasks on the go, organize upcoming tasks, get alerted to nearby task locations, and sync it all seamlessly online. Check out Remember the Milk to find out more!

5) iHandy Carpenter Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Get the prettiest and most handy carpenter toolkit in the world right on your Android!

5 professional tools in this toolkit:

– Spirit Level

– Surface Level

– Plumb Bob

– Steel Ruler

– Steel Protractor

6) Google Maps Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Did you get lost? Well, get the latest Google Maps and don’t get lost anymore. In Google Maps: navigation (Beta), walking navigation (Beta), filter search results by distance or ratings, search by voice, my location, business listings, directions, traffic, layers, street view and latitude.

Here is a (slightly cheesy) video from Google explaining the new Navigation feature for Android powered phones.

7) Where Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Need to know what’s around you after you take that buyer out to see some properties? WHERE helps you find and discover the places and people around you. Local restaurants, movies, weather, news, coupons and offers, cheap gas, friends and more. Read real-time reviews from other users and post your own.

8) Zillow Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

If you’re out and about with your client and need to know what’s for sale, this is the app for you. This app allows you to see Zestimate home values, local real estate including homes for sale, rentals, and more. Use voice search, plus GPS, to search for homes as you talk, walk or drive. Filter real estate by home type, price, beds, and more. Save searches and favorite homes. On top of that, full-screen color photos!

Check out this quick overview video on this app.

9) Real Estate Dictionary of Terms Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

(Sorry, no screen shots)  A comprehensive app of Real Estate Terms for when you or your client has no idea what that other agent said! It provides a convenient and user-friendly reference tool that will be as invaluable to real estate professionals as it is for current and prospective home buyers.

10) Karl’s Mortgage Calculator Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Mortgage calculator with graphs & charts. Calculate mortgage payments given principal, interest & term. Reverse calculate for any one given the other three. Pay off mortgage early with bi-weekly or extra payments. Supports interest-only & Canadian mortgages.

11) Evernote Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

After seeing 30 houses with your buyer client, do you ever struggle to remember which ones they actually liked the most? Use this great app along with your free Evernote account to keep track of buyer tours, as well as anything else that you may need help remembering. As Evernote says, “Remember Everything.” Check out this Evernote overview video for more info.

12) Dropbox Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

Get Dropbox and then add the Dropbox Android app and voila… your files between your computers and your mobile device are connected. Now you can browse the files in your Dropbox folder from anywhere! Share links to files with your clients, save photos and video from your camera to your computers, and open files using your favorite Android apps.

13) Safe Neighborhood Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

This is definitely one of the more controversial apps; however, many of your clients have these concerns. Get Safe Neighborhood and see if registered sex offenders are living near you, your friends, or any area that you want to check. Search by your address or current location to see if any sex offenders are registered in the area. View on a map and see their personal info + photos.

14) HotPads Scan this with your phone to open the Android Market URL for this app

This is the go-to app for real estate rental searching. If you’re wanting to know what the rents are going for in an area or just needed to help a client find a rental, give this app a go!

15) Coming Soon: Supra eKey for Android

eKEY for Android

Tired of carrying an extra device around to get into listings? This will be a great app for you because you’ll be able to get into those listings now without another device! Not sure when this one will be out, but you can sign up to receive notifications!

If you would like to keep up with Tucker visit his Facebook Page now and hit like!  This is one of the most thorough reviews of Android apps for Realtors on the web.

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  1. Waiting for TourNarrator and AgentWorx for the iPhone to be added as apps for the Android. Both apps are very good tools for the iPhone that I’d love to have available for Android…


  2. Nice article. As a relatively new Android user, this was very helpful.

  3. Google Maps is a must. Why pay for outdated maps for your GPS? I’m looking forward to the Supra eKey since that is 1 of the 2 systems I use.

  4. Ben K says:

    @Tucker – regarding the eKey, I’m guessing for the IR lockboxes that there will still be a separate device for Android, correct? Probably similar to the Blackberry/Windows fob.

  5. Now you’re talking. Love Droid App recommendations!

  6. Aaron– I agree. Tour narrator is a great one for sure. I haven’t seen Agentworx yet. I’ll have to check it out. I wrote up an iPhone apps blog as well. I’d like hear what you think.

    Rick- Always good to hear from you!

    Kenny- Hopefully Supra doesn’t take too long on it. I know the iPhone app is great!

    Ben- I’m pretty sure it will have a “fob” sort of thing because of the infrared issue. The iPhone app requires it as well.

    Jason – Radical.

  7. Colin Storm says:

    Will we see the Layar Augmented Reality platform take off in the states? Seems to be be gaining great popularity in Europe. Love the real estate app that is available for the browser.

  8. If you’re doing a lot in ppc or tracking, PPC Editor and mAnalytics are nice.

    Chrome to Phone would be great if it would allow me to map showings on my PC and send it directly to Navigate. It’ll currently go to Maps, but the step to Navigate is missing (last I checked).

    IMO the best app available in Android is Android Agenda Widget. I can roll multiple calendars/tasks into one great looking widget. Absolutely the best.

  9. gee thanks – now I really hate my blackberry!

  10. Lee Williams says:

    You guys are always posting great tips. This post is your best yet!!! Thanks for all the hard work!

  11. Awesome! I have most of these now. I really think some of these are very cool.

  12. I am very frustrated that the MLS cannot/has not devised a way for smart phone use (WITHOUT HAVING A SEPARATE ATTACHMENT WHICH MUST BE HAULED AROUND EVERYWHERE YOU GO… AND CHARGED).

    Corona Real Estate Agent
    Corona, California

  13. eKey for Android? I think my life may just become complete :)

  14. @Corona… I think that’s more of an issue with the phones not having infrared functionality. My old Treo had an infrared port and it worked on the boxes with no add-on. It would be great to use my phone, but I’m sure not buying all new boxes to make that happen. Those bad boys are expensive to replace.

  15. Excellent list.

    As somebody else mentioned, ChromeToPhone is another one I use quite a bit to send maps, phone numbers, and web sites directly to my phone from Google Chrome.

    The Android Supra adapter will be nice. With that being said, it would even be better if they come out with a lockbox that did not require old technology like infrared.

  16. Colin–In my neck of the woods(Colorado Springs, CO) we tend to be a little behind and so Layar has not exactly taken off… I do love the technology and am promoting it where it seems to make sense for where agents and, more importantly, consumers are.

    Parrot Group– Thanks for the app suggestions!

    Craig– It was only a matter of time and it’ll only get worse….

    Lee & Margaret- Thanks!

    Jim- I’m glad you like the list. Also, I completely agree with the ChromeToPhone. Great app. I think getting agents to Chrome has been a struggle because many MLS providers require IE to work. (i.e. Pikes Peak MLS)

    I’m trying to help agents get on board with IE Tab for Chrome to get them to take that first step. Then I open them up to how much I love Chrome!

    And yes… I agree. Why infrared? not so sure…

  17. Great list! I can’t wait for the Supra eKey to get here. Google maps is so useful in this business especially with the street view.


  18. I have also found ebay classifieds to be a useful app. Thanks for the information!

  19. Thanks so much for the time I know it must take to educate the less tech savvy among us. I am trying to determine if I want to trade in my BB for the iPhone or the Droid now that Verizon has both. I am also considering a tablet PC but when I looked at the iPad, I learned it does not interface with IE. I like the ekey on the iphone but I would rather stay with IE as my browser since I am already facing more learning curves than I can count. Minimizing the number of them is prefered.

    Deos Droid still use the Supra eKey fob or have they come up with a tools that integrates into the phone itself?

  20. Nick D. says:

    You might want to have a look at FileLinx for Android. It Sends, fetches, and Prints to and from your PC from anywhere. Uses Wifi and 3G. No cloud servers so its private. No extra fees either.

  21. Ginny says:

    i had trouble with my Top Producer when I had Chrome. The TP guys had me remove it.

  22. Those are all good apps. I would like to share an app specifically for home buyers and their agents.

    A friend and I are in the process of developing a real estate app for home buyers. It helps home buyers evaluate a house/property based upon their own unique needs. We are launching in May 2011 for the iPhone, but we have some screen shots up on our Facebook page.

    Would love any feedback folks are willing to share.

  23. Pat says:

    REMEMBER THE MILK app is presented by the company as a free app but its not. You get 15 days free and then you need to pay to continue. They should be more transparent, not get members by tricking them into signing for free.

  24. Cathy B says:

    It is standard practice in our area to direct clients to look at demographic, schools, and sex offender websites on their own. #10, the calculator is probably the most useful of all.

  25. Lori says:

    Is there an app for android/honeycomb that is comparable to the app for iPad called Open Home Pro??

  26. Susan says:

    I’m will with the Blackberry too and plna to transition to the iPhone soon. I know I’ll have alot of great apps with that and hoping the apps that are real estate friendly as well. An app to open the homes would really be great. Does it exist and I don’t know? Having a BB seems equivalent to the old school dial phones. I’m pretty sure I have one in my closet somewhere. ;-)

  27. CShan says:

    You should check out the application called MobilCTI Power Dialer for Android Phones.

    It will be a great tool for Real Estate Agents.

    This Application will allow you to organize your contacts into campaigns (Lists).

    1)Call contacts one after another from list
    2)Automatically track number of attempts3)Schedule/Track callbacks.

  28. Kelly Jones says:

    Awesome post. Here’s a tool that lets you build your real estate applications fast and without coding. Just point-and-click

  29. Nancy says:

    Every real estate app I clicked on gave a warning that the site and certificate didn’t match. Are these safe to download?

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