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Episode number four of The Queue featured four technologies that are no brainers to implement in your business.The Queue Tech Savvy Agent 360 Panorama and Photaf are mobile apps that allow for 360 degree and panoramic photos that can be shared via social media and email. is an amazing technology that will reenact the mouse movements and clicks of your web traffic in an effort to increase conversions and user experience. Animoto is one of the easiest to use and tech savvy video creation tools that is sure to impress buyers and sellers. Finally, Facebook has an option for creating secret groups that are great for private masterminding and client communication. Enjoy and as always please share this on Facebook, Twitter and via email and if you have any feedback or questions on anything I covered this week feel free to leave that in the comments below.

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  1. Sam says:

    Why am I just now finding this site? Chris you are AWESOME. Can you give any tips or advice one day on building or enhancing the pre fab RE/MAX websites that they give us RE/MAX agents??

  2. Barb Szabo says:

    Fantastic info. I am new to your blog but I just created a video using Animoto for Brecksville Ohio where I work. It’s simple, but good enough to post I think.

  3. Chris,
    I agree with so many of the comments. I too, take notes and do research on what I think is a good fit for us. I love the format – it is easy to digest and a very manageable length. THANKS!

  4. Paula Henry says:

    Chris – I have been using Animoto for over a year for neighborhood tours. I have been using still photos and am just now incorporating video within the video. I have been told, “it is not video”; still it is easy, fun and a unique way to showcase homes and neighborhoods.

  5. I’m late to this one and it’s certainly my loss. Some great information. I especially love Mouseflow and must finally check out Animoto that I’ve been seeing for quite a while now. Chris I am truly amazed at you and your ability to absorb, use and effectively share all this information. Thank you!

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