Do you have what it takes to be tech savvy?

Guest Post By Ian M. Charlebois, Masters In Real Estate c.
REALTOR® Magazine’s First Non-U.S. 30 Under 30 Honoree
Owner, Chairman, CEO & Broker of Record
RE/MAX Citywide Realty., Brokerage.
613.422.SOLD | | Ottawa, Canada


When building a business for tomorrow, REALTORS® must invest time and money in new technology. To embrace the changing technological marketplace they must also predict and embrace new emerging tools and be willing to take the necessary risks to succeed. Tech Guru Tim O’Reilly encourages the next generation to get serious, saying that “technology creates new opportunities to do a job customers want done.” In particular, the investment must align with the direction of your business plan, act as a strategy to outperform the competition and prove overtime to be a benefit to all parties involved.

CrystalBallReading the crystal…

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The Ultimate Social Media Post Cheat Sheet

This is the second post Shaun Nilsson has done for us on Tech Savvy Agent.  If you liked what you read last time and enjoy reading the post below, then sign up for our free webinar (Wednesday July 2nd at 1:00 PM Eastern) where Shaun will discuss these strategies in depth.  It’s hard to argue with 1.5 million posts of practice!


Sharing useful content on your social networks, also known as inbound marketing, is, as I have previously written, an effective way for real estate agents to promote their businesses and generate leads. But not all social media posts are created equal. The content you share and the way you share it makes a world of difference.


At CityBlast, my colleagues and I have created over 1.5 million social media posts for real estate agents. When you do something over 1.5 million times, you tend to…

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“Sent from my iPhone”

Have you ever received an email and debated on whether or not it was canned or something that the sender wrote specifically for you?

When you receive a newsletter, or something that looks like a “drip campaign” it is easy to discard or skip over.  However, if someone took the time to write you a personal 1 to 1 email, you almost feel obligated to send a reply.

Today’s average email user receives hundreds of emails a day.  They can instantly detect drips from real communication…..or can they?  Want to open the doors of communication with a client you haven’t engaged in awhile?  Try this email….

Hey Bob, haven’t chatted with you in some time.  How’s the family and the house?  Any awesome plans for the summer?


“Sent from my iPhone”

Go ahead, give it a try!  Put this into your contact management system, do an email merge for the…

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