Is VoIP the right choice for your real estate team or office?

More and more small businesses are cutting the cords and utilizing VoIP for their telephone service.  Dozens of VoIP technology providers are continuing to push the envelope by adding useful features to these telecommunications systems that are powered by broadband internet.



This technology has been around for years… but the number of options and the level of quality has increased greatly.  But how do you decide whether to move forward with VoIP?

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages:

The Advantages:
- Cost savings compared to traditional landline service
- The features are fantastic and are continuing to improve
- Scalability doesn’t require new costly hardware
- Customizable call screening and call forward rules
- Take your conversation from the office phone to your mobile phone

The Disadvantages:
- If the power goes out, the system is down (unless you have a generator)
- If your internet service is down your…

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Capture Data Using Google’s Updated Forms

Google has built the most expansive array of tools on the net.  By simply signing up for a free Google account you can gain access to email, a wordprocessor, spreadsheets, drawing tools, your documents, presentation tools, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

In this post, I am going to highlight a tool that received a recent facelift in the google family….Google Forms.

I was recently reading a post on Facebook, and Nicki Conway, an excellent Realtor from Sarasota Florida, posted one of the questionnaires she just created for her website visitors who are close to buying.  Click on the picture to view the whole form however, please do not fill it out and respect Nicki’s time as a fellow Realtor!

Google Forms Survey for Realtors


I can see so many uses for Google’s forms.  They can be used as a lead…

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Do you have what it takes to be tech savvy?

Guest Post By Ian M. Charlebois, Masters In Real Estate c.
REALTOR® Magazine’s First Non-U.S. 30 Under 30 Honoree
Owner, Chairman, CEO & Broker of Record
RE/MAX Citywide Realty., Brokerage.
613.422.SOLD | | Ottawa, Canada


When building a business for tomorrow, REALTORS® must invest time and money in new technology. To embrace the changing technological marketplace they must also predict and embrace new emerging tools and be willing to take the necessary risks to succeed. Tech Guru Tim O’Reilly encourages the next generation to get serious, saying that “technology creates new opportunities to do a job customers want done.” In particular, the investment must align with the direction of your business plan, act as a strategy to outperform the competition and prove overtime to be a benefit to all parties involved.

CrystalBallReading the crystal…

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