Google’s Brand New Email Program – Inbox

There have been a plethora of email applications released recently and new ways of handling the massive amount of digital communication that arrives in our inbox, but now it’s Googles turn.

They just released the beta of their brand new “Inbox” application which is quite a departure from the way your inbox looks now. Version one already has a mobile app and a desktop app so you can go all in. Google claims that….

“Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters.”

In the video below, I give a walk-through of the application. Now, bear in mind I only had the app for about 20 minutes before I did this overview. The idea behind this is to give my first impressions, just like you would have quickly formed an opinion about a new app or tool you were trying. However, I will then do a…

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Convert your website into a social media network… with Spot.IM

More and more real estate agent websites contain valuable content that can prompt good discussions amongst your current and potential clients that are navigating your site. Wouldn’t it be great if those conversations remained on your realtor or broker site? With Spot.IM that thought can become reality. In addition, visibility to this social networking within your website can help you provide more value to those who need it, when they need it.

Now we all understand that solid content is crucial when it comes to your web presence today. Currently, when a potential client discovers some content of interest on your website, they typically will leave your site and start a conversation on FaceBook, Twitter, or Google. Spot.IM can keep those conversations within your domain! In addition, Spot.IM can turn your web visitors into faces and help you get to know them. You can set up Spot.IM in about 5 minutes for FREE…

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New iOS 8 and Mac Features for Real Estate Agents

Apple just released their new iOS 8.1 update an hour ago, and everyone is talking about their new “Apple Pay” feature. However, I wanted to spend a few quick minutes giving you some highlights of the three features I think Realtors are going to use the most in their business.

Apple enhanced the connectivity between their mobile devices and their desktop/laptop counterparts. Texting, phone calls, and internet connectivity have a seamless flow across all platforms now.

iOS 8.1

Let’s start with their new SMS messaging service. On prior versions of iOS you could only text from your iPad and desktop if you were sending messages to other iOS users, now it doesn’t matter what platform they have. Check out Tom Ferry’s video below to learn a great texting strategy, and then head down to the next video to see how iOS 8.1 helps with this…

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