Create visually compelling stories with EASE! – “StoreHouse” App

A new, refreshing way to tell your stories!!! Check out the 2014 Apple Design Award Winner Application, “StoreHouse”.   This is a visually savvy storytelling App.  Currently, it is available at NO COST in the App Store.  Hopefully coming soon to DROID!  Check out this story below for an example of how the “StoreHouse” App could be applied to real estate and the marketing of homes.


Watch this short demo we created to learn how easy it is to create a story!

Click this link –


Highlights of the App:

-Seamlessly combine video, photos, and text to create customized stories

-Stories look visually stunning on your iPhone, iPAD, or iPOD

-Every story in your feed is pinch-to-zoomable, fully twistable image or video

-Currently, you can download “StoreHouse” for FREE at the App Store


Go to:  to see a bunch of stories that people across…

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Hyperlapse from Instagram – A New Perspective on this App

There have been a lot of articles published about Instagram’s new baby Hyperlapse.  You can read two of the better ones here…..Hyperlapse

However, I think these articles are missing a major facet of this new tool!

Stabilization for Hyperlapse from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Now that you have a nice overview of the time-lapse piece of Hyperlapse, which don’t get me wrong is super cool, let me tell you how I think agents can use this powerful application. If used sparingly, time-lapse can add another element into your marketing videos, but that is the key word….sparingly. No app will revolutionize anything if you only use it…

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Turn your iPod, iPhone, or iPad into a security camera with the “Presence” App

The application “Presence” turns iOS devices into a video surveillance system, with smart home energy control and MORE.  See what’s happening in your home or listed property LIVE from anywhere when you’re gone. If motion is detected, you will know within seconds.  iPad2, iPhone 3GS, and 4th Generation iPod or newer are required.  Currently ONLY available on IOS.

FREE VERSION – “Presence” App:  1) FREE App download  2) 50MB CLOUD storage   3) Basic functionality (Average day of basic monitoring is about 4MB)

PAID VERSION – “Presence PRO” App:   1) 2GB CLOUD STORAGE  2) Faster camera resets 3) Customizable notifications  (COST:   $4.99/mo  or  $49.99/year)

WATCH THIS 90 second video for some “Presence” App HIGHLIGHTS!!!





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