Six Ways for Realtors to Start with Evernote

In any successful realty firm, there comes a time when you start looking at technology that can take your business to the next level. Growth comes with many upsides, but also with growing pains like more paperwork from more employees working from the road.  All of this can be a bit overwhelming, making it a struggle to stay updated on accounts.

In my search, I’ve discovered Evernote as a tool that has helped me organize, store, and share with my team and clients. It’s accessible on almost any device, so you can use your tablet and phone when you’re on site, and your desktop when you’re in the office or at home. It also stores audio files and clips from websites for reference later, because you never know where new leads might pop up.

evernote logo

There are many ways for…

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Are You Still Your Client’s Agent?


Are you still your client’s agent?  Are you sure?

Even though you had a great relationship when you put them in a house, there’s only a 25% chance your client will call you when it comes time to sell.  It’s true!  According to NAR, about 25% of sellers use their buying agent to sell their house.  The killer is, about 88% of homebuyers say, at closing, they would reuse their agent!

I guess a bottle of wine at closing, holiday cards, and an email campaign might not be all that effective.  Maybe that’s because they are generic and everyone is doing them.  Try something that is customized for your client, branded by you, and is new to the market: Enter HomeKeepr.

HomeKeepr is the only mobile app out there, designed for real estate agents, that keeps you…

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Creating Your Business Card on the Web

Having a personal website as a real estate professional is like having a business card on the web. The personal website is a perfect extension of the traditional paper business card, as it allows to dive deeper into professional details and provides enough space for all our contact data, social networks and links. Personal websites add some great content to your SEO efforts and help to manage your online reputation, there are good chances that anyone who googles your name, will find your personal website first.

But with all those advantages comes a huge challenge: as possibilities are seemingly endless, there’s also a lot of room for mistakes. What information should I add to my personal website? Is the website user-friendly? Is it overloaded?

At Pixelhub  we see an increasing number of agents using our website builder for creating their very own home…

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