How to Add a .45x Wide Angle Lens to the Apple Iphone 4


The addition of a quality wide angle lens to the Iphone 4 produces a big difference in the contrast ratio, the saturation, white balance and stability. This simple tutorial will show you how to quickly and inexpensively add a wide angle lens to your Apple Iphone 4.

HDhat’s Apple Iphone 4 wide angle lens modification and sample real estate video tour.
Some important notes about the videos below.

*All the videos below have been “stabilized and smoothed” in the editing process. So the finished product you see here is much smoother than the raw footage from the cameras.

*We did not brighten or tweak the colors in any of the videos during the editing process.

*We did change camera settings on the higher end Sony HX-1 so that we were able to capture nice bright video.

*The Iphone 4 because of its lightweight and small size was the most difficult to capture stable video so we used a simple stabilizer bar from


Iphone 4 with .45x Wide Angle Lens

How to add a wide angle lens to your Apple Iphone 4 plus a video tour for comparison.

Kodak Zi8 with a .5x wide angle lens

Sony HX-1 with a .45x wide angle lens

The .45x lens for the Sony HX-1 is available in the Store

** is the world’s largest real estate video tour editing company.
Outsource your real estate video editing to the professionals at
Order a Wide Angle Lens for the Sony Cybershot HX-1
Order a Video Stabilizer Bar – Great for compact and portable video cameras
Review of the Kodak Zi8
Additional Real Estate Video Tips

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  1. Thanks for the tip! Will try this out with my gadget some time this week.

  2. That is very cool! Thanks for the tip on the wide angle lens! I am going to have to order one for my iPhone 4.

  3. Steve Olson says:

    These are all great ideas but i think too many people try and find ideas to make things as cheap as possible. That is one of the biggest issues in real estate, agents are trying to short cut too many things. A good example, I am not sure if he is still pitching it but a while ago mike ferry was teaching his agents a 4 min listing presention. Doesn’t matter what the content is 4min can’t build enough trust and rapport to confidently close the deal. I am very techy but using your iPhone (which I currently use as my phone) to do video tour is selling your client short. I use a canon t2i or a 5d mk II for video. More expensive but I can show our photography and video blow away the other agents.

    These are the days where agents need to rise above the rest. Believe me clients notice this.

    You can’t race in NASCAR without a car that can compete, real estate is no different.

    All that aside, I really like this blog! Tons of great ideas… Just had to give my 2 cents to it!!

  4. You want a video work horse ( or race car) for the iPhone 4. Get one of these and add audio along with wide angle and stability.

  5. Oops, for got to add the link.

    Also if links are not approved of Google ‘owle’

  6. ILYA Zobanov says:

    Steve, I love 5D Mark2 and use if for my videos too. It actually looks like (and is!) a professional camera and when we show up at our clients door to shoot pics and video – they see we mean business.
    I love iPhone4 too, it’s just not the best option for me when it comes to home video tours. maybe a blog post…
    Jeff, cool rig for iPhone4! love the plane video!
    Thanks TechSavvyAgent! y’all are good!

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