“Sent from my iPhone”


Have you ever received an email and debated on whether or not it was canned or something that the sender wrote specifically for you?

When you receive a newsletter, or something that looks like a “drip campaign” it is easy to discard or skip over.  However, if someone took the time to write you a personal 1 to 1 email, you almost feel obligated to send a reply.

Today’s average email user receives hundreds of emails a day.  They can instantly detect drips from real communication…..or can they?  Want to open the doors of communication with a client you haven’t engaged in awhile?  Try this email….

Hey Bob, haven’t chatted with you in some time.  How’s the family and the house?  Any awesome plans for the summer?


“Sent from my iPhone”

Go ahead, give it a try!  Put this into your contact management system, do an email merge for the contacts name, and send out 20 of these at once.  I bet you get more responses than sending out 250 digital newsletters.  Why?

  1. – The email is short
  2. – It’s about the recipient, not you
  3. – They can’t decipher that it was a drip…
  4. – and “sent from my “iPhone” (or Android) only solidifies their belief it’s not a drip

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 1.32.49 PM


Don’t want to stretch the truth by adding that line in at the bottom when it really wasn’t sent from your mobile? I don’t blame you!  Here is a quick video on how to do a quick mail merge from your Top Producer on your mobile device.


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  1. Hey Steve,

    I’ve actually tested this extensively and there is no difference in open or response when I used “sent from my iphone” or my normal email signature. It’s actually the message that makes the difference – using the person’s first name and keeping the message short and conversational are the trick. I actually notice a slight uptick in click through and engagement when the email signature has the person’s pic in it.

  2. Steve Pacinelli says:

    Hi Celeste, thanks for commenting. I know a number of Tiger Lead customers using this strategy (that is where I got the idea from) who swear by it. I am sure the short, conversational email has the biggest benefit, but according to the info I got from the agents at the Tiger Lead Summit who are generating a massive amount of business, it works for them!

  3. Donna says:

    Personally when I see “Sent from my iPhone” I see it as someone who was too lazy to change the signature on their email

  4. Steve – I’m just glad to hear agents connecting with old leads and their database. It’s not tech savvy! But it’s definitely savvy! 🙂

  5. Matt says:

    I’m glad someone is writing about this…but I disagree. Like anything I’m sure it can play something of a role, but agents should be able enough to write clients/prospects in a manner that doesn’t appear canned in the first place.

    Honestly, “Sent From My iPhone” comes off as extremely unprofessional from what I and my peers have experienced. I see it as equivalent to a real estate agent having an @aol @gmail @yahoo email address…

    With how many people have that lazily unchanged “sent from my iphone” – I find it hard to believe people even make notice of it…

  6. Steve Pacinelli says:

    Hi Matt and Donna! Thanks for the comments! The reason that people keep those tags on their phone isn’t out of laziness, it’s a way to ask for leniency if the email has spelling errors or the email is brief. Most people, even in today’s day and age of mobile dominancy, still aren’t as adept at typing on a smaller flat screen as opposed to a “real” keyboard. For me, doesn’t really matter as I am terrible at both LOL.

  7. Gabe Sanders says:

    Steve, please add me to the list of those who are not to wild about the generic signature line from any mobile device. As a professional it makes much more sense to customize it for ones self.

    Such as:
    Pleaze exkuse any typos, sent from my Mobile device

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