The Realtor’s 3 Step Guide to Managing Online Reputation


I thought this was a nice infographic from our friends at DooID.  We talk a lot about your online reputation on Tech Savvy and the things you need to do to stay on top of it, so this graphic falls right into place here.

Here are the three steps they recommend to get started.

1. Define Your Personal Brand

2. Build Your Online Identity

3. Monitor Your Reputation

Check out the graphic below to see the tools you can use to successfully manage your reputation.

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  1. Matthew says:

    GREAT infographic!

  2. Cielo says:

    Good article and a must read! Consistency is important but Integrity and honesty are also important in building up online reputations.

  3. Linda jones Neil says:

    Great información!

  4. Larry says:

    Great post, infographics are the newest way to showcase important information to others I believe that one of the most important things to take away from this is definitely finding your online audience and sticking to it. Find your niche and speak to them.

  5. great information i will apply, reputation is a key to be succesful thank you .

  6. agent david says:

    Great infographic. For realtors a good option is to be known sort of as an area guide. Do fun content like restaurant reviews and stuff. I tried this when I was a lawyer and got readers but few clients. For realtors though I’ve actually seen the strategy work.

  7. Kate Preston says:

    Thank you. I am going to use your suggestions . You’ll be seeing me on the social networks.

  8. Tony L. says:

    This is a great post and something every agent should do asap. Great infographic!

  9. Social media can be your best friend or your biggest crutch.

  10. Indeed these tips and self assessing questions can not only work for realtors but also any body who wants to succeed in the business.

  11. Brian says:

    Excellent information we will use, reputation is such an important factor, especially in smaller cities!

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