Facebook Business Pages and PPC Ads Training for Realtors


I am really proud of the positive feedback I received after doing this Facebook Business Pages and PPC Ads seminar at the most recent Virtual Real Estate Bar Camp. As social media and real estate grow closer it is always important to make sure that you are being strategic and not just “doing Facebook” because it is what everyone is talking about in your office. I hope you will find the easy to execute strategies, training and tricks I shared useful as this will be very similar to the teaching format we will be rolling out this month! Stay tuned to Tech Savvy Agent for details and our upcoming calendar of FREE classes. On a side note due to the length of the presentation the load time is a bit slow but absolutely worth the wait. I was told by several of the agents that attended VREBC live that it was the most passionate and exciting presentation that they attended. I hope you will agree!

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  1. Have you removed the video to Facebook Business Pages and PPC Ads Training for Realtors?

  2. Ray Wells says:

    Here we go, posting on the new site: once past 25 fans on biz page, how do you secure the name? Can ya tweek the name of how page first set up? Thanks!

  3. JoAnn says:

    All sounds like a lot of great information and ideas. However, he lost me in the first 15 min. How do I find out how to generate a FB page and all the links and ideas he was referring to. Felt very frustrated and lost at the end to be honest!

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