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  1. Nathan Latka says:

    The technology is there for Realtors to take! I am just happy to be a resource to your community Chris and Tech Savvy Agents! Cheers =D

  2. First a few things that are incorrect. From the actual Facebook statistics page.

    * Facebook has 400 million people not 500 million.
    * 70% of these people are not in the United States
    * Avg user spends 7 hours a month on Facebook. (Nielsen)

    Great article, but I would definitely not say that FBML is more important than HTML. FBML is a proprietary mark-up language, meaning Facebook owns it and at any time they can take it away – just like they did a few weeks ago when everyone with less than 10,000 followers pages disappeared. FBML is also a subset of HTML.

    So what am I getting at? Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. Don’t think of your Fanpage as your website. On Facebook you do not own your page, your website you have total control of content, images, your hosting provider.

    Your website and your blog are just as important as your Fanpage. I have been in the web technology market for over 20 years, have published numerous books on the topic and have written software for Adobe, and over 10,000 clients.

    Make sure you and your company plan a solid course of action that incorporates numerous social and web platforms, and don’t count as FBML or Fanpages to be the “to-go” to page.

  3. Alex Cortez says:

    Stephen beat me to the punch. A FB page is not an alternative to a static site or blog, but it can be quite an effective supplement. I’ll check out Nathan’s site.

  4. Dave Kube says:

    Wow !! The search for Virginia tip is great. Tried it for Calgary and came up with a number of potential leads. Just wondering about facebooks policy on sending messages to these leads “hey, check out my website or fanpage…” Will facebook frown on this ?

  5. Alan Harris says:

    Nathan does some Fantastic work!

  6. Nathan Latka says:

    @ Stephen and @ Alex, actually Facebook has announced the 500 millionth active user. The fact is correct.

    Secondly, I would argue VERY strongly that FBML is much more important than HTML at this point. The KEY is making sure you are taking EMAILS away from your FBML tabs. You own emails no matter what happens.

    Right now, with 500 million plus on Facebook you can either spend thousands in marketing money to drive traffic from where they are to your blog, OR you can host a website via FBML for FREE in an FBML tab. This in itself builds amazing credibility.

    @Stephen, because you have been in the web industry so long, you understand it 110%. Leveraging these new technologies is something you are quickly learning and, I think you will agree, once you start really leveraging them you’ll understand why they are more powerful than html pages.

    Also, FBML pages are in no way static. Did you know that Coke, Wendy’s, and other large brands on Facebook get WAY more traffic on their fan pages as opposed to their websites? THAT is impressive AND telling!

    Thanks for all the feedback- this is what social media is all about!

  7. Danny Nappi says:

    Facebook should be a funnel to get people to your blog/website. You want them on the land you own not the land you rent.

    Facebook is definitely a great tool to take advantage of in prospecting for leads like Nathan points out. Great Job!

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