HP Slate Video Demo


I had a chance to meet with the people from HP at the NAR Convention and they were kind enough to do a video demo of their new HP Slate. Is it an iPad killer?  Probably not, but it does have an SD slot, USB port, a front and rear facing camera plus you can access MLS, all features the iPad is lacking.  To check out the full specs click here and I would love to know if you guys think this is a device you could see yourself buying.

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  1. Unfortunately I don’t see this working too well with my Macbook

  2. Chris,

    You nailed it. There are a lot of devices coming on the market right now. One I saw at NARdi Gras was the Inspiron mini duo. Dell is expecting that one to be available soon. One thing’s for sure: we will have choice in pc land.

  3. Thanks, looking forward to your review.
    Any thoughts on the Archos 7 8GB Home Tablet with Android or the Rockchip?

  4. angela johnson says:

    only product that i would compare before purchasing iPad would be a 10″ on an android OS from a “brand”. anybody hear of anything interesting, let me know 🙂

  5. Not really impressed by this. For disclosure I do have an iPad and while I like it a lot, I wish it ran Adobe Flash so that I could use it with my MLS. With that said, I’d be more excited about android based tablets than this. This thing seems like something thrown together quickly to try and compete with Apple but it will fail miserably to even compete with the other competition out there coming out, let alone the iPad.

    The “Playbook” by Blackberry is another mystery to me… a tablet with no cell capability that REQUIRES a blackberry for tethering for internet access? also, what’s up with the name Playbook? I think RIM’s forgotten who their user base is (majority business).

    I own the iPad like I mentioned and I may consider one of the upcoming android tablets but we’ll see.

  6. Scott Harris says:

    Looks nice. Looks even nicer because it has nothing to with Mac. Been a happy HP user for decades and also happy to see that it’s the full version of windows 7.

  7. Chris says:

    We have a site for that now Scott 🙂

  8. Julian says:

    The HP Slate 500 is designed to run custom applications created by enterprise customers

  9. Doug Hayden says:

    I saw and played with the new HP Slate at NAR as well. I have always liked HP for both computers and printers. The stylus was a great added feature, the Slate felt like it was far more rugged than the IPad, and the screen worked the same way the IPad does, plus it was in a great leather bound case. I found it to be a tad pricy but seems to offer the full feature set I would need for my business … its on my list of tools to get our team for 2012 and so is the New Black Berry Tablet.

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