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Sat down with Scott Pierce yesterday and discussed some of the new features in his Listing to Leads program!  We all know we need to generate more leads from the internet but most of us don’t have a road map to help us get there.  Scott discusses some new enhancements on his product and gives two fantastic tips that anyone can use towards the end of the (slightly long, sorry we get excited about new stuff) video.  Are your “call to actions” up to snuff on your internet marketing campaigns?  Found out how to put them in check using Listings to Leads!

Don’t forget, listen until the end for 2 great marketing tips!

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  1. Don’t you have to put a price in a Craigslist ad as part of the title description? I don’t see how you’d get any click on your ad without a price. Aside from that, this tool looks pretty cool.

  2. Scott Pierce says:

    @AgentSteph in Nashville, this is a tip that a client of mine gave me and that I have given out to other clients of ours. I will see if I can get some feedback and let you know more how they do it.

  3. Alex Cortez says:

    Good information, I will definitely look into L2L and what Scott has to offer.

  4. Shaun Murphy says:

    What types of symbols do you put in the title?

  5. Scott Pierce says:

    Using Symbols to Drive Page Views on Craigslist

    Using symbols on Craigslist can be a great way to grab the attention of people searching for real estate.

    Make your ads on Craigslist stand out from the crowd, but judicious use of symbols is key so that you do not look like a spammer and start annoying people. I would also not use the same symbols over and over again as that makes them lose their effectiveness.

    ▲ &#9650

    ▶▶ &#9654 &#9654

    ▖ &#9622

    ▆ &#9606

    ♠ &#9824

    ♥ &#9829

    ♦♦ &#9830 &#9830

    ♬ &#9836

    ★ &#9733

    ☃ &#9731

    ☛ &#9755

    ☚ &#9754

    ☠ &#9760

    @ &#64

    ¥ &#165

    § &#167

    ® &#174

    © &#169

    In the Craigslist title:

    &#9829 Beautiful View Home &#9829

    will read:

    ♥ Beautiful View Home ♥

    Let us know how this works for you or if you have any other great symbols that you know of!

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