The Most Innovative Interview in Real Estate


Chris had the opportunity to talk “one-on-two” with Krisstina Wise and Jack Miller with The Good Life Team, also this year’s winners of Inman’s 2010 Most Innovative award in the Brokerage category. Chris sat down with them and had a candid interview about how they believe they got to where they are today in just two short years.

Two things stand out from this most innovative interview we have ever conducted:

1.  True ROI will be evident when you are either IN or OUT of business in 5 years, and

2.  The fundamental shifts in how consumers (your leads) are behaving means equal shifts in how you must conduct your business!

In the past, realtors have used two main strategies to gain business and find success – database management and maintenenance (keeping in touch with clients), and neighborhood farming (Recipe cards!?  Yikes!)  But with the innovative shift (or 360 degree spin) over the past year or two, real estate marketing strategies have taken on a very similar shift, and that’s where Jack Miller, The Good Life Team‘s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) comes into play and has been so vitally important and paramount to their amazing success.

Insatiable DriveFundamental shifts in how the consumer is behaving has been the main focus and insatiable drive for The Good Life Team’s innovative social marketing strategies; during the first 10 months of inception of their new site, they can directly report more than ten times the traffic and five times the leads from social media than previously reported and recorded!

Notice, however, that I did NOT say first month of inception.  No – Like anything worth waiting for, social marketing is no exception – hard work and purposeful, strategic planning over many months is what it takes to produce the fruit of your efforts.

Here’s some amazing statistics that Jack shared with us:

Prior to their social media strategies being put into place, The Good Life Team reported about 30% of their business coming from their online marketing, 90%-95% of which were buyers.  Today, those numbers have reversed, with between 65%-67% of their business coming from their social strategies, of which the number of listings has dramatically increased to be almost equal to their buyers!

This is where many Realtors fail – gaining that fruit often seems to take too long to attain – it just can’t grow fast enough!  But, this is where instant gratification must take a back-burner position and understand that you cannot expect to have results in a month, but stay for the long haul.  Put your passion to work for you (do you have passion for what you are doing?!)  And, again, just as anything, if you love what you do, (and have a Brokerage that backs your passion!) and put heavy duty effort into it for longer than a fleeting moment, your efforts will surely flourish.

One last note, when you check out The Good Life Team‘s site, notice the type of site it is.  Yep, you guessed it – a Blog!

So, where’s your insatiable drive taking you?

Part II of The Most Innovative Interview in Real Estate

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  1. Mark Jacobs says:

    great post, good information

  2. Josh Aberson says:

    Awesome info from ABSOLUTE industry leaders!!! I could only hope to reach this level someday. Thanks for the great video!!

  3. Jenn Van Wyk says:

    Fantastic interview! Thank you for inspiring us to continue with our marketing strategies!

  4. matt farley says:

    Exceptional discussion. Embarrassingly poor audio.

    This is a great example of how important audio is to video – the bastard child of every video.

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks Matt. Appreciate your honest, if not harsh and rude feedback.

  6. Great interview. A little disheartening as a small “mom & pop” team, though. While I certainly don’t disagree with anything said, how can an individual or small team ever “catch up”, without a true technology “guru” on board? It seems Kristina did learn a lot that she didn’t know, but much she learned from having Jack onboard.

  7. Yep, just confirmed that it’s constant tweaking and learning. It’s like being in college again. Kristine 🙂

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