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Just a quick tip on a plugin for WordPress that I love.  Visitor Maps Who’s Been Online will allow you to see in virtually real time who is on your site.  Google Analytics is great for deeper data but this plugin is all you really need to “watch” people come to your site.

Visitor Map Plugin for WordPress

An example of how I use it would be that once we put a link out into Facebook or Twitter we know there will be a surge of traffic, this plugin tells us where they are by IP and then converts that data into a visualization which we featured in the video above.  As a Realtor you should be looking for a much more targeted area, specifically the market you sell homes in but if this is something you haven’t been aware of now is a good time to start.

You can add the plugin to your site for free here.

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  1. Robin says:

    Chris, have you had any conflicts with this plugin? I had it loaded and it caused my site to go down … that would’ve been the revision of WP before the recent update.

  2. Tony Lazzari says:

    Sweet. I will be playing with it tonight.

  3. Great intel Chris – I will contact my WP diva’s – Kinetic Knowledge and get this installed – Awesome as usual – Thanks for the info the other day regarding my P911 tiny url for the new search by lifestyle. I was honored….

  4. Chris says:

    I have been using it for 18 months with no issues. I give you my word here and now if plugins cause my site to crash I wont recommend them 😉

  5. Chris says:

    Your very welcome Connor love why your doing online.

  6. Tami Esling says:

    Chris, you are so on top of it! You are keeping us busy with new tools and new ideas! thank you for sharing so freely and so often!

  7. Ramona Strojevs says:

    Thank you for this great tip. My site is on so my understanding is it works on the .org sites.

    Chris, you are so knowledgeable and thanks so much for sharing these great tips.

    Burlington ON Canada

  8. Chris this is another great tool. If people are not using WordPress and especially WP plug ins like this one they really don’t know what they are missing (probably paying someone way too much for a web site as well!).

  9. I am going to give this one a test run. Another that I have heard is great is called Woopra. I haven’t tried that one yet either.

    Word to people: before installing any plugins, make sure you have a good backup done. Plugins already installed can cause conflicts, or the actual plugin itself can cause the issue.

    For me, I always try things out first on a test site before installing it onto my main sites.

  10. Colin Storm says:

    Chris, you have been withholding. This is great. However, if I spend too much time with just me online, I may have to delete it before it gets too depressing! 🙂

  11. Pat says:

    I have used Who’s Been Online” for years on many different sites. One of the other things it does is alert you as to if anyone is up to “odd” behavior on your site. And when you uncover bad behavior, you can block that user’s IP address so they never gain access again. I do this constantly.

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