Your Browsing the Web Wrong – Tabbed Browsing Tips


Quick tip on how to set up multiple home pages in your browser.  Considering how much time Realtors are spending on the web I thought it would be a good tip to show you how to browse more efficiently.  This trick works in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and is easy to set up.  Be sure to make sure the multiple home pages that you set up in the tabs are the websites that you are using daily.  Also, be sure to watch the trick on right clicking to open up new tabs from within the page that you are on.  The example I use is having your Facebook wall, Profile and Business Page all open simultaneously.


While this may seem 101 to many of you it is something that I know a lot of our readers needed help with.  Any other tabbed browsing tips to share?  Please leave them in the comments so we can learn from each other!

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  1. Matt Sweet says:

    Thanks Chris for the great post. I’m a huge fan of tabbed browsing and It surprises me how many people still don’t make use of it. Also, I forgot that there’s an IE browser for Mac. Does it run as fast as chrome or firefox on the Mac? Lastly, what program did you use to record your screen? Is that Jing?

  2. Chris says:

    That was IE on Parallels. I use Camtasia for recording which is made by the same company as Jing

  3. Ramona Strojevs says:

    Thanks very much. I always have multiple tabs open, but did not know I could save them to open automatically. Thanks again for all that you share.

    Burlington ON

  4. Josh Nekrep says:

    Thanks Chris.

    I opt to use a bookmark on my bookmark bar that launches all my related pages at once.

    For instance, I have an “Ads” link that launches all the marketing sites (Craigslist, Kijiji, et al) at once, and a bookmark I call “Jump” that opens all my social media sites at once. Another that launches my various business pages so I can check in all at once.

    So I still use Google as my “home page”, but I have one touch access to groups of pages that open in their own tab.

    That’s been the solution that’s worked the best for me.


  5. Eric Hempler says:

    Firefox has a setting that lets me start where I left off when I close the browser. Probably my favorite feature because then I can close my work and when I’m ready to resume I just open the browser again. I just have to make sure the tabs I want reopened are the ones I close last.

  6. Tami Esling says:

    I’m with Ramona – I always have multiple tabs open, but did not know I can save them – using Google Chrome I was able to save under the customization and options page. great EASY tip!

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