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Julius Caesar was the first known publisher of what is now referred to as the newspaper, all the way back in 59 B.C.  So to say that the physical newspaper has been around for a while would undoubtedly be an understatement.

It’s about time for a change, right?!

That time seems to be now.  What used to be the news being written by journalists, now are our stories being written by ourselves and those within our social networks.  Our news(papers) are taking on the social media realm by storm.

We Write the news in Post Post

One example of this is a site called PostPost -dubbed “your real-time Facebook newspaper” by their enhancer yolink.  By simply linking up to your Facebook profile, you will have a page of all the top news from your connections on one page, easily to navigate and scan through – and MUCH easier than going through the Facebook update list!

PostPost ScreenshotOk, so this may be pretty, easier to look at and review, but more importantly, how will this help you in your real estate business?  Here’s what we found in our review of PostPost:

1.  You can keep current with the local news as it happens
2.  Gain relevant national real estate news to stay on top of
3.  Get tips on home improvement/homeowner tips
4.  Obtain information from your peers that you can use to further your own business

Now let’s look at the bigger picture here.  What’s the one thing that you can then use all this information for that can truly help you further your real estate business?


Yes!  All this information is all in one place, all at your fingertips, being created for you by your social network!   What more could you ask for?!  In the below snapshot of an example of what PostPost will look like, there are five opportunities for not only learning more (because knowledge is power) but being able to use it for your business advantage.

Knowledge is Power!

Really puts the media in social media.

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  1. I love how easy it is to just sort thru links/video/photos. The function I’d love to see (and I’ve requested from them) is the ability to ‘publish’ a PostPost to my community pages. I’d love to be able to tell each issue what brands and people (I would need permission from actual people I’d assume) to pull posts from and then be able to link it to a community page for others to read.

  2. joe pratt December 14, 2010 at 2:02 am - Reply

    please call me at 610 517 4445.thanks

  3. Christa Borellini December 22, 2010 at 10:25 pm - Reply

    Very cool tool. I just linked it to my facebook page. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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