Zooming in to Capture Home Buyers’ Attention with Pinterest

Pinterest is a natural fit for realtors who want to broaden their properties’ — and their respective agency’s — appeal to prospective home buyers. The potential power that Pinterest wields to help create exposure for real estate agencies and available properties is vast.

Harnessing the power of Pinterest is where things become interesting and is a chance for an agent to choose their special approach toward attracting home buyers to their specific boards. By selecting a niche board topic such as “homes with swimming pools” or “beautiful decks,” the real estate agent is building an identity as someone that home buyers can count on for specific criteria. Pinning photos of homes that fit within that criteria will help build a community that will build over time.

A Focus on Community, Neighborhoods and Lifestyles

One way for realtors to reach out to their market and create their own personal voice that motivated home buyers can connect with, is to speak to the lifestyles of various demographics and post homes that support those lifestyles. Realtors with the most familiarity with the cities and respective neighborhoods in which they list homes stand a great chance of finding their footing and a firm following in Pinterest.

Below are different community options that realtors may consider for boards:

  • Urban Homes and Condominiums

Whether home buyers are single, married without children or have children and still prefer an urban lifestyle, creating a board focusing on this sect of real estate buyer will likely attract those in the market for a more fast-paced lifestyle.

In addition to pinning photographs of the homes and condominiums themselves of these bustling areas, it would be beneficial for the realtor to also pin photographs of neighborhoods, events and activities that happen in the area. Providing photographs of nearby grocery shopping convenience, schools, summer festivals and fairs, farmers markets, music venues as well as photographs of residents participating in these activities will give home buyers a true flavor of the area around the real estate they are considering, giving them more tools to make their decision about properties to visit.

  • Suburban Communities

This modern classic community is a modern classic for a reason. Parents who want to establish a firm foundation for their children, find prime school systems, have large backyards, nearby parks and activities for children understand that a suburban home community can offer all of these criteria. These homes are also visually appealing and realtors will have plenty of photo opportunities. Taking photos of homes with built-in swimming pools, elaborate gardens and beautiful yards are a good start, but featuring the strong sense of child-focused community will likely be the best direction for attracting the home buyers who will be most drawn to these properties.

  • Homes in the Country

Beyond the city and beyond the suburbs lies the country and some home buyers are in the market for something far from the daily grind. These properties can be very inviting and are often highly photogenic simply because they come attached to a larger outdoor space. Creating boards that feature homes with established vegetable gardens, local schools, the nearest grocery and other shopping centers, the center of town, farms and other properties nearby will give home buyers the perspective of how deep in the country the property is and what type of community they can expect.

Pinterest Gives Realtors the Chance to Share a Vision of Communities

When a realtor takes more than a fleeting interest in communities, potential home buyers appreciate the more in-depth knowledge that the realtor brings to the board.


Samaiyah Islam is a real estate and social media junkie that writes for Find Your Way Home.

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  1. Amy Vercher February 5, 2013 at 3:04 pm - Reply

    Great article and tips! I’m going to have to add a lifestyle board to our REX 2013 pinterest. With the recent launch of Business pages for Pinterest, it’s interesting to watch the evolution into real estate.

  2. Dave K. February 8, 2013 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    This is a great article teeming with fantastic evidence of just how important Pinterest can be. I agree and enjoyed reading this, thanks!

  3. Larry T. February 19, 2013 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    This article is incredibly helpful in finding exactly what you need in order to engage potential clients via Pinterest. I have reviewed real estate sites that are on Pinterest such as Chestnut Park real estate, and Trulia and it has this type of pins on their boards. This is such an engaging and interesting way to formulate boards based on community, lifestyle, and amenities. I enjoyed reading the information you have provided and I thank you.

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